Professional Political Sign Printing in RI


Custom political sign printing in RI creates a great impact on political campaigns. A large range of printed products are available, which help party supporters to campaign and attract more number of prospective voters. They include every door direct mail postcards (EDDM postcards), brochures and flyers, door hangers, and political postcards.


political sign printing

EDDM postcards

EDDM postcards are one of the most popular political campaign products that support campaigning in a great way. It is highly impactful and a cost effective way of political campaigning. It provides cost benefits because it does not require purchasing any mailing address list and paying postage charges. Through EDDM postcards, candidates and supporters can easily market themselves among a specific set of voters without a need to know their names and addresses.  They are not enclosed in an envelopes and will be noticed by any person opening a mailbox. The purpose of EDDM is targeting the prospective voters and successfully campaigning them.  Our RI political sign printing, designers play a major role by coming up with an effective and colorful design that is sure to get noticed by voters.


Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are another great option to target prospective voters through custom political sign printing RI. Supporters can get the candidate’s picture printed on the brochure, along with a brief bio which includes their previous accomplishments and a brief overview of the political party. The layout of the brochure should be simple and clean. The colors used in brochures should perfectly match the colors in other campaign materials like EDDM postcards, door hangers, and postcards. Brochure should have descriptions conveying one idea as well as some important points that can be highlighted with bullet points.


Political door hangers

Whether you are campaigning for a governor’s election or a mayor’s election, custom door hangers are another highly effective marketing tool. Political door hangers can be easily distributed door-to-door by party supporters. They are just hung on the door knob. They are designed in a way, to create awareness to prospective voters about the party, and the candidate. They are printed with colors, design, and appealing content that, they are sure to draw attention of the residents. Door hangers come in different sizes and different finishes, including glossy UV and uncoated finish.

Political postcards

The majority of political party supporters also include political postcards for their campaigning because they are highly beneficial and less expensive. They are also easily printed and ready to distribute. They do come in different sizes and offer plenty of landscape to include party logo, party tag line, leader’s profile, and party message.


If you need custom political sign printing in Rhode Island, contact Innovative Printing. We have a team of experienced graphic designers who will help you in creating the best political signs. Our signs are available in different dimensions. We also have a plenty of products which are sure to create a positive impact for your campaign and help attract more voters.